America vs America

What happened in Washington two days ago is truly unlikely, we have never seen a fall so low for a great nation like the United States, and this is due to only one man, if we want to define him “man”. Donald Trump will surely be one of those presidents who wrote the history of the United States, but he wrote the ugliest pages since the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico to today when his fans, his followers that toxic America, racist, bigoted, anti-democratic and anti-constitutional attacked the Capitol. The Capitol, the home of American democracy, the place where men swear on the bible to protect the constitution and democracy and become presidents of one of the most important states in the world. The scenes seen worldwide of those despicable beings who entered, vandalized and bullied Capitol Hill hurt our heart … and to be honest they scared us a lot.There are security investigations, as in a video you can see how the cops are they stand aside to let them in, there have been deaths, arrests and injuries, but the thing that really worries the whole world is “how is it possible for a President to incite people to do what they did as if nothing had happened” Today the senators not only Democrats but also Republicans take sides against him, and blame him for what happened, for his stance in favor of those people.

With this revolt, the images of the BLM march, the images of the police beating and throwing tear gas at the people marching for civil rights and not against democracy, have surfaced in the memory of many Americans, the other America.That America that was close to Trump, because he rebelled against his person, his ideas, his white supremacy .. In 2020, after George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police in America, the other America, a revolt broke out, born peaceful but unfortunately among them there were also people who thought that only with war they could make themselves heard, after centuries of mistreatment, discrimination and violence .. Those people were classified by Trump as anti-American anarchists, Biden voters, who were destroying cities for no reason, that the police would react, even with violence if necessary because they all deserved the prison.

Whites and Blacks the other America, the one Trump hated because he did not bow to his power, united, all together marched for the BLACK LIVES MATTER, because the right to life is important, just two words of comfort were enough, one was enough of his many videos, it was enough if he were everyone’s President .. but no. Not a word of comfort for Breonna Taylor’s family, who was also killed by the police, on the contrary she has repeatedly spoken well of the ways of acting of the police..America, his America has unfairly intervened against those people, firing on the crowd, and doing justice for itself, and what did he do? he praised those people .. this a real president does not! In four years, he has only incited hatred, violence, inappropriate use of weapons .. and today after what happened on Capitol Hill, the only thing that remains in mind is he who said << back to home, we love you >> Supporting his America has angered the other America, that of good people, that of those who respect the constitution and democracy. What will happen? you do not know, there are only twelve days left for his exit from the scene, although the great senators like Nancy Pelosi ask Mike Pence to proclaim the 25th amendment and to investigate the president, there is fear, fear for that nuclear code that is in possession of a madman, out of his mind and who until January 20 will keep the whole world in suspense ..

With the hope in the heart that America will rise again, after the covid, after four years of bad presidency, that it will return to being that united nation, a single America capable of making the whole world dream!



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