Today in a beautiful and sunny England there was the funeral of Prince Philip, prince consort of the longest-lived queen in the world Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, better known as Queen Elizabeth II, I have always admired this woman, because even if she was destined to become what that is now, she found herself living a situation that could have seemed difficult for a woman, to reign for England and all the states of the Commonwelth making every mistake a life lesson, Today this woman had to say goodbye to the one person that has always supported her for the past seventy-three years.

Seventy-three years in which Philip, a man of great charisma, with a strong personality, deemed unsuitable by King George and the Queen Mother, supported his Lillybeth, one step back as protocol dictates and side by side in life, four children and a myriad of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he was for all his life the glue of the Royal family, of the family that he and Elizabeth created, although rigid with Charles in his youth, he was among the few to support the prince heir to the throne at the not marry someone he did not love, and he was among the few who supported Lady Diana, when she wanted at all costs to make a marriage that was destined to end work. Prince Philip tried in every way not to let his son and the beautiful Diana leave, but nothing can do in front of a farce wedding like that, not even Prince Philip.

Philip was Elizabeth’s partner who solved the problems of the house when she was busy reigning, it was her husband who suggested what to do when she was in trouble but without taking the credit, and even if everyone says of his being a womanizer as a young man maybe he never denied being a connoisseur of female beauty, they have attributed many betrayals to him but we know what the English tabloids do with the monarchy .. and we also know that he was returning to his Elizabeth. Today, however, what the world has seen, what I have perceived is an elderly woman who has lost her husband, her partner, her confidant and best friend .. Around her that family that has always created problems for her, an heir to the throne that we already know is not much loved by subjects who would prefer to jump the fence and would directly like William as the future king, a son makes trouble like Andrew, but also grandchildren who in the last time have only brought pain to this woman who yes is the Queen of an empire but first of all she is an elderly woman who from today will find herself alone to face family problems without her Filippo .. Those bright eyes today have said much more than hundreds of Tabloids will be able to write from today forward.

And I don’t know why but tonight as I write this post a part of me thinks about her, about her state of mind, because basically I think she feels like all those women of her age who after a life together lose a part of themselves. Today in that huge Castle Elizabeth will feel more alone than in the last few days, because her loved one is no longer there, and the pandemic situation will make her loneliness also a refuge ..

God Save the Queen



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