Justice has been done..

today in Minneapolis the history of the American judiciary was made, the policeman who voluntarily killed George Floyd was found guilty of first, second and third degree murder, in practice 75 years in prison. Justice has been done, even if this won’t bring George back to life it is a step forward for the African American community, and also an example to all those cops who kill just because they feel empowered to do so! now America must give another great example of responsibility towards its own people to do justice for Daunte and Adam who were also killed voluntarily by the police and to reopen the Breonna Taylor case and do justice! doing justice for all victims brutally kills for the color of their skin! Justice for all communities of African Americans, Latino’s, Chineses and all those who in an America land of opportunity and freedom are still considered a minority. We need to create a world where the children of these people have to learn to guard against taking a bad turn and not how to defend themselves if a policeman stops them because they suspect based on color, or the walk or just a hood on their head And another big step that America must do is the law against the arms lobby, because you cannot give a weapon to someone who does not even know how to use a pen.justice has been done but the road is still long .. Now you can rest in peace George..



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