Today from Syria only bad news arrives, the attacks of Turkey with justification “to defeat ISIS” even if to me it seems only a mass devastation of the Kurdish people, in many today as always blamed the United States, which always according to many have supplied the guns to the Turks, Europe that thinks onlyContinua a leggere “THANK YOU HEVRIN KHALAF”

International girls day

Every day in the world, millions of girls wake up and face their days in ways that we can’t even imagine, every day in the world these girls face wars, hunger, violence … and their only thought is “I hope to survive” their routine changes very little, unfortunately, because they have no right, they haveContinua a leggere “International girls day”

do you really know the meaning of the word discrimination?

today At work I had to reflect a lot on the word DISCRIMINATION, and on the fact that many men don’t know the meaning at all..I think that many people who do not know the true meaning boast of false knowledge .. I happened to have to hear that because the reason for the dismissalContinua a leggere “do you really know the meaning of the word discrimination?”

Mfw: Milan is always the Queen of the party..

Yes! Everyone knows how much I love NY, I say it all the time, everywhere, but on one thing I am convinced .. and that is that Milan, even if by choice of a New Yorker it is not proclaimed the capital of fashion, it is surely the queen! nothing to take away from theContinua a leggere “Mfw: Milan is always the Queen of the party..”

Good things take time…

Maybe yes, maybe not, because we dreamers, we put our heart and soul into everything we believe in, but … how much we are willing to wait ..? personally I am undecided about the answer, for many things I have waited and I still wait a long time, for others I am “hungry for knowledge”Continua a leggere “Good things take time…”


Traveling alone is becoming my best way to love my life and enjoy the moments of solitude that I need to recharge 100% before returning to work, this year I decided to travel around the United States, and so after SanFrancisco which I already talked about, in August I went to Los Angeles, which isContinua a leggere “LOS ANGELES AND MY SUMMER IN USA”

Da che parte stare?

Un vero leader cerca di tenere armonia non fa preferenze e favoritismo è per questo che l’Italia è un paese che sta andando a rotoli, perché non evince la meritocrazia perché se lavori bene vieni surclassato da chi sa fare il lecchino da chi si sa vendere per due spicci in meno.. Quando ho lasciatoContinua a leggere “Da che parte stare?”