Save the world with fashion

Non sono nota per sponsorizzare prodotti , ma se il prodotto merita sono ben orgogliosa di farlo, questa borsa è firmata #koimilanoofficial è creata con prodotti ecosostenibili, perché preservare la natura serve a garantire un futuro migliore per i nostri figli.. Questa bellissima borsa è stata creata (a mano) da una mia amica che viveContinua a leggere “Save the world with fashion”

When heart and eyes..are tired …

in life we make choices, that in the beginning seem right, after a while they seem to be imposed and after a while they still seem like a condemnation .. you don’t want it when you feel that the sentence becomes claustrophobic, the air is missing, you always have a headache, you of stomach, youContinua a leggere “When heart and eyes..are tired …”

Dear me.. happy birthday

Time flies quickly, it seems like yesterday that I was among the school desks .. with my messed-up head that I was daydreaming about how I would be and where I would be for my 30 years, the first disappointments, the first tears shed for false friendships and wrong loves, how many times .. soContinua a leggere “Dear me.. happy birthday”