Not only America, but the whole world, mourns the loss of a great woman, a source of inspiration for millions of young women around the world from the 40s to today .. and beyond.. The second woman to be appointed judge of the US Supreme Court. Born in Brooklyn, has always been a warrior of civil rights for women and the weakest.. A woman who challenged every man who told her that this was not her place .. Ruth made her place in a world where women were not accepted at the time.. she studied at one of the most prestigious universities in the country, where women were 10% of male students at Harvard law school, and then after moving to New York at Columbia University, graduated in 1959 had a lot of difficulty in finding work as a lawyer, women were not frowned upon, for a profession where it was said to have to be soulless, so she started working as a teacher at Columbia, but it was not what she wanted, one thing that characterized her was determination , and this is not only read in books, but you also notice it in the various interviews ..She had studied to be a lawyer, she helped her husband in this and yet… no office wanted her, women in lawyers’ offices at the time were bound to do secretarial work and… coffee!All this gave as a push, to want more first as a woman .. the role of women in America had to be reviewed, she had known that in Sweden the percentage of female students was 25% compared to males .. in practice almost triple the amount to America .. I think it was in that moment that she realized what his purpose in life was. She volunteered for the American civil liberties union for which she was a lawyer, and co-authored a law book on sexist discrimination at work. she has been the advocate of many battles against gender discrimination in the workplace, she has been close to women and she fought for them … for equality … she has shown the whole world that a woman can be anything she wants … first a court of appeals judge and then supreme court judge .. but together also a mother and a wife .. I had the honor of being able to visit the museum in Philadelphia in her honor in 2019 .. an extraordinary exhibition, where I was able to learn more about the life of a woman, a source of immense inspiration ..and I seriously think that yesterday America lost the last symbol for the fight against equality and equal rights .. Bye Ruth rest in peace, thanks for all the pearls of wisdom that we will pass down from generation to generation, thanks for all the struggles for women to have equality in the workplace. Thanks for teaching us that we can be whatever we always want ..

Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”

American Dream..

i believe in the american dream, and i have believed it since i was a child! In these last four years Donald Trump has destroyed what that dream was, plunging the United States into an abyss from which 4 years will not be enough to get out, he has incited hatred against each other, he has declared war on his people, took under tone a dramatic situation such as the coronavirus pandemic and when the situation worsened rather than admitting his mistakes he wanted to fire Fauci, he does not want to make a law against weapons, he did not want to close the activities because he did not think about the health of the his people but to the money that the nation was losing .. he canceled the OBAMA CARE, so that only those who can afford health insurance can be treated .. so only the rich! condemning millions of people .. he did not lift a finger in favor of the victims of racism, on the contrary he turned to the other side, he built a wall with Mexico, then making them pay the construction .. he almost caused the third world war , and today we learn that he has decided to drill one of the most pristine parts of the United States .. Alaska .. this individual must be stopped! And this you can only do by going to Vote! as you like, in person or through the postal service .. but do it because it is really important!

Holidays in Pandemic time ..

I am an inveterate traveler, I am discovering the United States and Europe with an average of five or six trips a year .. I love traveling because it is like recharging my energy every time I leave home .. This year a real and its own catastrophe has hit the world .. the coronavirus, since the end of February we have seen ourselves deprived of our freedom to travel, to live .. this year of uncertainties and fears I have decided to stay at home, Italy, mine nation that has so many wonderful places it can offer, usually I dedicated only a few days to discovering this nation, this time I allowed myself nine days, divided between my beloved Tuscany, and my homeland, Campania, the land of Parthenope.. I was born in a small town in Southern Italy, a small town in Campania where if you went out on television it was only for crime .. I left this region when I was 17, there were many places to visit, but I never have done, this year with my sister we went to discover the Amalfi coast ..Amalfi, Positano, Maiori, bathed by a crystalline sea, with characteristic landscapes, with extraordinary ceramics, beautiful fabrics and sensational food. On this trip, I made peace with my past, I discovered wonderful places, and I saw my beautiful Naples again, one night, one night only, that was enough for me to say .. I went home.


There is no day that I don’t think about how the world would have been without that damn day .. the answers are many and confused, obviously there would not have been all those deaths, there would have been no wars in muslim countries , there would have been no many things .. and the two towers would still be there .. dominating New York .. many perhaps, a lot of sadness and a lot of pain ..

the attack on the Twin Towers is one of those events that can never be erased from our minds,that day, changed the fate of the whole world, thousands of people died under the rubble of what was once the symbol of prosperity not only of New York but of the entire United States, that day,died children, mothers ,fathers ,sisters and brothers.. who became part of us. That day we have cried so much, because we have all been deeply marked ..

but from the ashes, from the pain, from the losses, New York has risen stronger than before.And so it is, from the ashes one of the most extraordinary places was born, where the memory of that day will remain indelible over the centuries ..the 9/11 memorial at the world trade center gives the possibility even to those who were younger or still not to be born, to know what happened … many after 19 years, blame the attack on the United States itself, and perhaps on the one hand it is true, because they brought weapons and power to remote places of the world to grab oil, but they certainly did not go and say knock the towers down, history is full of but .. and it cannot be erased, the pain of a wounded America led to almost “destroy” Afghanistan, and after the death of the leader of Al quaeda, they did not stop and they wanted more and more .. because sometimes the thirst for revenge leads to a lot of nonsense ..

That day will remain impressed in the heads and hearts not only of New Yorkers and Americans, but also of all those who love that city .. and as children they dreamed of climbing on the roof of the towers and managing the city ..

We will never never forget

Change is gonna come..

America must get rid of Trump, I have been saying this since November 2016, 4 years have passed, four years in which Trump has only thought about his fanaticism, has thought of facilitating the rich of America and burying the less well-off, has incited racism in the most multicultural country in the world, he raised a wall with Mexico, threatened a third world war, first against Korea, then Russia and finally China .. (luck would have it that these understood how stupid it was ).He hid the truth about the coronavirus in America, bringing the nation into a true state of health emergency, and during this scary pandemic canceled the Obama care.

What is the Obama Care? Now I tell you.. Obamacare is a reform conceived and strongly desired by former President Barack Obama, which has literally revolutionized the health system in the United States. It is in effect considered one of the most impressive reforms adopted by the Obama Democratic administration. It was born in March 2010, created to protect more than 30 million people with a health system that until before this reform was strictly private.It allowed everyone to have health insurance and to take care of unemployed relatives and children up to 26 years of age. , by encouraging many citizens to take out insurance (sanctioning those who did not). By greatly reducing the number of personal bankruptcy, to which many Americans with minimum wage jobs, faced with a huge (health) expense, lost everything.By deleting it, Trump meant that many people without income would lose their health benefits, for the series “if you have no money you can die”has canceled taxes for the rich, because actually he is only interested in that segment of Americans .. and has given the insurance companies the possibility to increase the insurance premiums towards those who are not insured by 30%.

This is with regard to health care .. Because then the best of himself as president, as a man, as a person has been giving it since May 2020.month in which a damned policeman killed yet another African American just because he was one. America has started a real revolt, because exasperated by so much hatred, and by the supremacy that the police use above all over the African American people. Millions have poured into the streets, even illustrious personalities have marched for and white, together to say enough! no more racism, no more white supremacy, in the meantime the names were increasing, it was no longer the revolt for George Floyd but also for Breonna Taylor, for Aumadur, for Elijah Mcclain, and all those before them .. People are tired of everything this blood shed .. for centuries now ..

And he, the president, the representative of one of the greatest world powers, instead of quelling souls, and doing the right thing, punishing the murderers, he took the Bible, the holiest book in the world, and in front of a church where he has never entered since he was president, he swore that if the riots didn’t stop, he would send the army to stop them! That is, the war on its people, in some states, the riots became less violent and only peaceful demonstrations, thanks also to the governors who handled it better than the president ..has declared war on its citizens, its population, its people, who are not protected, have not said or done anything to calm the spirits, on the contrary it has incited even more hatred, hatred among whites (racists) and African Americans (and those who support them) is much, too much .. more than before

I strongly supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2016 because I was hoping for a continuation of Obama’s policy .. beaten for a few points by the current president.

but when the name of Joe Biden came up at the end of the year, hope grew stronger .. Biden in the quiet, calm, intelligent, non-exhibitionist man, vice president of America’s most beloved former president Barack Obama, made me hope that that much-desired change by Obama, that shock America needs to become great again is coming.

America is already great, one of the most powerful nations in the world, and it owes its greatness to all those who live there, returning a great nation is for social and cultural purposes .. the current president has created a war media with any human being… the future president will inherit a nation that is angry, offended, doubtful, deceived, and destroyed.And that’s why when Joe Biden announced the name of his vice president, happiness doubled .. Kamala Harris, a strong, determined woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks, a woman who has all the credentials for being a Vice President today, and tomorrow why not also President!

Kamala, a woman of color, with Indian and Jamaican origins, daughter of workers, has known what it means, racism, sacrifice, and much more … and in this period where in America racism and supremacy take over, there is a need of someone who speaks to the heart of average America .. and she is perfect. Biden’s strategy has already brought a lot of support.

I begin to dream .. a better America, a more humane America that thinks of the most needy .. a better America only with Biden and Harris..

Scoprendo New York

E poi l’ho fatto, ho scritto un libro, ma non uno qualunque, ho scritto di New York, la sua storia ,tutto ciò del quale mi sono innamorata in cinque viaggi, i luoghi più belli, e non solo quelli famosi che trovi su tutte le guide turistiche, il mio libro,la mia guida sono per tutta quella gente normale che vuole visitare New York e che se ne innamorerà già prima di visitarla.

La pandemia ci ha frenato tutti, io sono una viaggiatrice no stop,e l’idea di non poter attraversare l’oceano e tornare a New York o visitare altre meravigliose città mi ha letteralmente distrutta, perché è la mia libertà, il mio modo di essere libera,può sembrare una sciocchezza ma non lo è.. ed ho scoperto quanto amo questa libertà nel 2016 ,quando visitai New York per la terza volta, ero sola,ma non mi sentivo sola,salire su un aereo e ritrovarsi in una città immensa è stata l’esperienza più bella della mia vita ed è stato allora che ho deciso che dovevo ripetere e farlo ogni volta che ne avevo l’occasione.

New York, con le sue milioni di luci, con le strade sempre piene di gente, con i rumori di una vita frenetica ,entusiasmante e grandiosa, New York che non dorme mai come cantava Sinatra, la New York dei distretti ,la griglia ,la subway ,I teatri di Broadway e la scalinata rossa di Times Square, la New York degli Yankees e dei Knicks ma anche dei Nets e i Mets , la NewYork del jazz e la New York degli immigrati, la new York di Little Italy e Chinatown ,quella dei grattacieli più belli del mondo ,quella delle stazioni ferroviarie più grandi del mondo come la Centrale station e Pennsylvania station,la New York delle isole e della Statua della Libertà.

La libertà, quella che si sente nell’aria appena arrivi al JFK, la libertà di vivere la propria vita e reinventarsi ogni qualvolta la vita lo chiede, nessuno che mi dicesse come vestirmi, di non truccarmi, che i capelli erano troppo cotonati, nessuno che ti giudica per quello che vede, questa è la libertà della mia New York, ed è questo che la rende unica, non c’è colore ,non c’è tasca, non c’è religione.. New York è per tutti ed è di tutti!

Nel momento in cui ti mettono il timbro sul passaporto ti rendi conto che New York ti appartiene e che tu le appartieni, sei a casa e niente può succedere.

Spero che il mio libro piaccia ,che sia fonte di ispirazione per tutti quelli che progettano un viaggio nella Grande Mela.

Are you sure it’s the right thing?

America is ready to start again .. many activities in almost all states start to reopen from this week .. like all National around the world, affected by Covid (the USA even more) now we have to think about starting again .. people have to come back at work .. and that slowly we go back to life, for this as well as for all the other nations I hope we can start again big as before, but today, while I was reading, some of the most famous newspapers in the USA, I understood that I had to share my thinking about something that’s going to happen in the US. I am sure you will not like reading is my disappointment on the removal of many statues, I support and cry out loud all my support for the BLACK LIVES MATTER, because what these people suffer is indecent, far from the word humanity. .the removal of the statues of people who have, even if in the worst way, made American history, will not erase years, and centuries of racism … it will damage the situation, it is not by removing a statue that solves the problem of racism, I personally think that history must not be erased, even if it hurts, but must be used as an example in order not to make the same mistakes of the past, and to write important new steps forward so that one day the children of our children will build statues of people who fought for their rights, building a better world ..What really needs to be done is to VOTE, is to send a person home without love, without respect, without respect for human lives … four years ago, the Americans allowed a fanatic like Trump to take possession almost like a toy of his nation and its people, making the United States of America an object of ridicule by other nations, racism echoes in his words and this should not be denied.I’m not black, I’m a girl from southern Italy, who knows what social classes and disparities between people and gender are. It must be admitted that every nation, even if in its own way, is based on racism, only that we are surrounded by people who they pretend humanity..but it is not by removing the statues of those who created this inequality, that we can change history, but it is by learning from past mistakes that we can create a better future for our children..


It took me a while, before writing this post, the affairs that are affecting the United States, and the whole world, What happened to George Floyd, is not just yet another act of violence by the American police against black people , but it is the drop that made the vase overflow.Great men in the past fought for the rights of the African American people, until the last of their days, killed because they did too much, for a people who said, still too many, white Americans, they had to be the last!
This has allowed American racists and anti-Semists to dominate the African American people, but they are Americans, and they deserve respect.

See how they are unjustly killed, it makes the blood boil in the veins, see that individual who does not even deserve to be named, stand for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on the neck of a man, and push until his breath is lost .. until af killing it.Her family deserves justice, her daughter Gigi deserves justice, a little girl left without a father at 6 years old. The African American community deserves justice, because there are no more names to remember, so that there are no longer George, Breonna, Philando, Ahmaud, Freddie, Tamir and many, really many others .. America owes each of them justice , and to do this you need a real leader, a president who listens to his people, all of them, who does not make race distinctions, who does not make preferences, and does not declare war on his own people.

Today in the world, millions of people are marching to say enough about racism, and they do so with the awareness that saying ENOUGH is enough, not only for the black people, but a little bit for everyone ..I am proud of my Italy, which today 8 June, marched for the rights of the African American people, and black. I am proud of all those who are marching together, with the blacks, because united we win the battles, united we will defeat racism and all tyrants who will fall with the strength of our voice

One year more ..

May 31, today I blow out 34 candles, I am here in front of the mirror as every year to contemplate the first wrinkles, to think about the last 34 years, things happened, desires, ambitions .. I try to imagine a future but this is not there .. I have never imagined distant future, that is why I am never disappointed by life .. this year was to be an extraordinary year of things and for now except the birth of my nephew, and the short publication of my book .. memorable there are only 66 days of quarantine ..yet .. the more I think about the fact that the candles are 34 and the more I feel I am young I still have much to do, to see and say, today as I am more aware of my right or wrong choices that they are … at 34 I understand that I don’t have to expect anything from anyone except myself …so happy birthday to me, with the hope to find the right way and make the millions of dreams come true …


“we will make it because I love New York and New York loves me. New York loves you all. New York loves everyone, that’s why I love New York. And at the end of the day, even if it’s a long day like this, love wins. Always. And it will win again”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

The day you visit New York is the day when your mind and heart open to new horizons, you will fall in love with New York, just because New York will love you madly, From 2013 to 2019, in all my travels, I I felt loved and pampered .. New York is the city of a thousand opportunities, of a thousand lights, of millions of smiles, New York is the city that teaches you to get up after every fall .. it teaches you that after every storm the always returns rainbow.From birth to today, it has suffered great catastrophes, attacks and now even the coronavirus, I am sure of what I am saying, New York will be great again, it will return as roaring as before, it will return chaotic and full of people .. You will feel loved in New York, because Newyork really loves everyone, and you will never feel alone.

“And we’re going to get through it because we are New York, and because we’ve dealt with a lot of things, and because we are smart. You have to be smart to make it in New York. And we are resourceful, and we are showing how resourceful we are. And because we are united, and when you are united, there is nothing you can’t do. And because we are New York tough. We are tough. You have to be tough. This place makes you tough. But it makes you tough in a good way. We’re going to make it because I love New York, and I love New York because New York loves you. “New York loves all of you. Black and white and brown and Asian and short and tall and gay and straight. New York loves everyone. That’s why I love New York. It always has, it always will. And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always. And it will win again through this virus. Thank you.”

I think these words, spoken by Andrew Cuomo, in the NY TOUGH video should be of inspiration, for everyone ..
I have never hidden my love for the city of New York, I always praise her, I suffered with her during the attacks that have involved her over the years, I rejoiced every time she got up, and she did it by returning more and more stronger, more courageous ..

and I look forward to returning, in what I consider my second home, I look forward to being able to roam the streets again, I look forward to returning to listen to the sounds of the city and get lost in the thousand lights .. I love New York because New York loves me.