When heart and eyes..are tired …

in life we make choices, that in the beginning seem right, after a while they seem to be imposed and after a while they still seem like a condemnation .. you don’t want it when you feel that the sentence becomes claustrophobic, the air is missing, you always have a headache, you of stomach, you feel sad, confused you wonder why you have to stay like this, when you surrendered, think back to the fact that it took you almost all your life to learn to love you and allow people to let you sink …sink into something that makes us too vulnerable, that makes us too attentive to every little detail .. and you see the injustices, the malice .. the wickedness .. take shape! the form of who you have always admired, the example you were trying to follow, and you begin to look at it, with those eyes, those tired of a tired heart,so to understand that you were wrong! to trust to believe in that talk of life expert when in reality he never understood anything about life..that all those fake lessons served to make you understand that the so-called people like me must stay in his place, that no matter how unjust it is important that it is good for the master .. concepts that do not give me the nerve as a girl, and now still not I understood why … I almost gave up, what I want to tell you is that we all have brains and it’s a hundred times better to reason with our own, and to say what we think does not make us a bad person, but a person of character determined ..in this world where, you have to shut up because you are female, because you are not the entrepreneur, because you are inferior .. well I’m bored! I’m getting tired of this choice!



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