Traveling alone is becoming my best way to love my life and enjoy the moments of solitude that I need to recharge 100% before returning to work, this year I decided to travel around the United States, and so after SanFrancisco which I already talked about, in August I went to Los Angeles, which is perhaps the biggest city I’ve ever visited after NY, Los Angeles is a county, with Santa Monica Venice and Malibu that make you dream, with Hollywood that you makes a dive and Downtown feel that makes you want more and more to move to the United States.I left Milan on August 23rd, my luck was to find a direct flight to Los Angeles, 12 hours long, but comfortable.
When I arrived I headed to the hotel that was in Hollywood in front of the tlc chinese theater, yes! In the center of Hollywood on the walk of fame, a perfect place to stay because you are at the center of everything, and everything to see is just a subway ride away, my hotel is among the most famous in California if not all over the world, very place loved by the stars, the hotel where the Oscars took place for the first time, The Hollywood Roosvelt hotel was the most beautiful place to stay, my luck was to be booking.com customer for many years and so I received this secret offer that made me spend only € 2000

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I could talk to you for hours about the hotel where I was because I loved it at first sight, I felt like a diva, I felt happy from the first night until the last..But the post is centered on the journey so I tell you that the first night, I spent wandering around the walk of fame, my area was full, full of restaurants, pubs, and fast food, so it’s useless to tell you that for dinner I stayed in my area, but the post is centered on the journey so I tell you that the first night, I spent wandering around the walk of fame, my area was full, full of restaurants, pubs, and fast food, so it’s useless to tell you that for dinner I stayed in my area, the first day I spent on the tourist bus, from which I finished taking notes on places to visit, the bus left from Hollywood via Beverly hills and Santa Monica, it seemed like a dream to be there, the second I spent the day on the beach, I went back to Santa Monica, and wet my feet in the ocean, a unique feeling, I even got burned, I did the morning in Santa Monica and the afternoon in Venice, where I found the canals similar to our Italian Venice, where I found nice little shops, eclectic and nice people, and places that have remained etched in my mind, like postcards to think about when life at work becomes heavy.On the third day I decided that I had to go back a little child, and I went to the Disney California adventure park, I was there all day and it was beautiful and exciting, I dream of going back and bringing my nieces, but on the fourth day I wanted to see how Americans see CINEMA, and at Universal Studios, was the confirmation, that for Americans cinema is almost a religion, a divinity .. I saw some sets, like those of “the day after tomorrow” with Tom Cruise, the Shark, fast and furious and many others, for the fifth day I went away, going to San Diego, or rather with Getyourguide.com I booked a tour that took me to LA JOLLA and SAN DIEGO, and also gave me two new friends, San Diego I had read that it was the best place to live in the united states and after having visited it I can assure you, even here I visited a hotel very close to Marilyn Monroe, in fact at the HOTEL DEL CORONADO they filmed in 1958, the movie “Some like it hot”, but San Diego it was also the scene of many other films like Top Gun, yes precisely that film, making me fall once again into the world of cinema. San Diego struck me very much, from the exit of the motorway to the return. the whole city is wonderful and I hope to return one day to stop myself more. The day after I dedicated myself to discover Downtown, and I started from SKYSPACE from where I admired all of Los Angeles, and I went up and down the city, passing through the Grammy Museum, the Moca, The broad and the Walt Disney Concert Hall , then I went to the Union Station, at City Hall, in ten days I didn’t stop for a moment and I fell in love with every corner I visited in the city..

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It was not my favorite city visited in the States, but I can tell you that my love for the United States is increasing more and more and even if this trip has left me all month in the bill I am happy to have done so .. and now I look forward to November that will take me back home to my NY and discover a new city in Philadelphia.



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