Of the five Boroughs of New York City, this is what catches my heart every time I go there, Brooklyn is the second most touristy district of NY, divided by the famous Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge by the homonymous district, the view on the skyline is just the icing on the cake for this district, it has a long history, made up of colonies, Dutch and English, like all the other districts, a history made up of immigration, of millions of people who came from all over the world to try their luck ..It is the most populous Borough of NYC, has a population of 2.6 million people, once they were known only for the many factories where millions of New Yorkers worked, then after work hours everything ended and Brooklyn became the ghost town. district, which has about 130 different languages, in Brooklyn there is also one of the largest communities of Orthodox Jews, in this district you will also find one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the United States, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, many neighborhoods also here including Williamsburg, Bushiwich, Dumbo, Fort Green, Park Slope Brooklyn Height, Coney Island and many others ..
For film lovers, this district like Manhattan is often used as a setting for films and TV series, a very famous point in terms of cinema in Brooklyn, it is Washington Street, with the glimpse of the Manhattan Bridge this view has become famous for being on the cover of the film Once upon a time in America there was the great Sergio Leone, and with the great Robert De Niro..One of my favorite neighborhoods is Dumbo, because new, youthful and full of very interesting places .. For shopping instead I prefer Williamsburg known for vintage shops. But Brooklyn is also sea. Yes, that’s right, in the south end of Brooklyn is the Coney Island neighborhood, with beautiful beaches and a pier full of fun and good food.The neighborhoods are many, and all beautiful, and there are things to do in Brooklyn, such as walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, walking along the Brooklyn Height Promenade, shopping in Williamsburg and Bushwick, visiting the second largest museum in NYC, the Brooklyn Museum, being enchanted among the flowers of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, sunbathing and having fun in Coney Island in summer, Brooklyn offers a lot and deserves to be visited .. so go there and enjoy every corner.



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