Forgive us Breonna..

justice denied, I think that no parent who loses a child, the way Breonna died, deserves to receive this .. 195 days have passed since the death of young Breonna.
Breonna, a very young student, who dreamed of becoming a nurse, who loved life, who lit up the world with her smile, was killed 195 days ago by the police in her bed, in what was a mistake .. error for which the police did not apologize, an error that the police dumped on the shoulders of Breonna’s boyfriend, an error that the judiciary has not wanted to put a face to date. Of all the policemen who entered Breonna’s house that cursed evening in March, only one was indicted for a minor crime .. The state, the judiciary, killed Breonna for the second time, the marches are no longer enough .. the riots are not more is enough .. we must act, act for the good of others, I sincerely hope that the Americans take these elections seriously, because it is not a Republican vs Democrat war, but a “war” on civil rights, which the Trump administration is trying to cancel, the right to health, the right to equality, the right to decide whether or not to have a child, the right to live! Things for which America has always fought, setting a good example for other nations as well. And now it is going back of 70 years.. is time to change.. is time to remember the sacrifices who people before of us done..

Ask everyday Justice for Breonna and her family .. because the killers are all arrested..



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