People do not know what the word depression means, or rather they do not want to know, for many it is better to keep away the depressed, they are a bit like lepers ..

I discovered this symptom at 15 and lived for two and a half years, if it is a disease? Yes it is! Because you let yourself go day by day, you close yourself, you marginalize yourself .. and you start not wanting to conceive the world! Unfortunately with these symptoms there are also boys and girls who have reached the limit until taking their own life, I have tried only twice, the first went wrong because I just scratched, the second stopped me my mother, and it was with the second time that in a way I found the strength to be reborn and to laugh again, they were the two darkest years of my life, where the only thing that gave me excitement was to be alone in the dark staring at the ceiling, where the tears they went down without there being a reason, where my already dark natural eyes were found to be blacked out without energy .. they were the two years where all those who seemed friends turned away for the “being strange” remained only two people to demonstrate a bit of affection and attention one was then my best friend and the other was my mother, the only one who understood that something was wrong, but instead of telling me to recover, just long faces or something else sweets and made me participate in things s ol to get me out of my room ..

People think that depression is just a moment of whim, there are others that justify not wanting to do things with depression, but not so .. depression is like walking on a carpet of nails in a tunnel with no light , depression is getting out of bed only and exclusively because forced, it is going to work and when then you get dizzy and nausea, give yourself a shot on the stomach and say go quickly and pretend to be engaged but not remembering anything but you’re doing it .. and coming home crying for no reason, but only for the relief of being out and staying in bed staring into space until the first light of dawn ..

We cannot judge those who suffer these symptoms and only those who know them really know how to recognize them .. only those who suffer in first person can understand the rest only silence ..



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