Love Is love

Love has many colors, it has no shape and has no sex .. love is that wonderful thing that makes you feel emptiness in your head and butterflies in your stomach .. love is unconditionally loving another person, and these feelings are the same for everyone! In the month of gay pride, many children who were not loved by their parents died in Italy. They were those that the state and bigots called normal families, so normal that a father killed his two-year-old daughter because he did not accept separation from his mother. another beaten up his eight-month-old daughter because he wanted the son, a couple starved their daughter because they didn’t want to give food, others wanted to kill their disabled daughter because a monster .. many mothers they have not saved their children’s lives out of fear or even out of love for their partner and not for their child! my grandmother used to say that many times the lord gives the bread to those who don’t have the teeth to eat it, I think we are just a people in ruins, the gay couples they want to adopt are mocked humiliated and publicly condemned because they are not human, it is immoral, it is immoral, it is against the will of God to have two parents of the same sex, when in the end the only important thing for children is not if they have two mothers or two dads, but it is love! I have many gay friends and I am proud of them because they didn’t hide because they fought and still struggle for their rights … and many times I’m sick of reading news of homophobic bullying, which has led many kids to suicide, or even many fools who go so far as to beat and torture the unlucky just for “fun”

my thoughts, my speech today is for those who have overcome fears and come out, to those boys and girls who are no longer there because they have not endured all the suffering, humiliations and weaknesses, to those parents who supported their children , to those who at the beginning were not easy, but then they got used, to those who were hard to accept such a great thing, but who for their children’s sake support them.

and the suggestion I can give them is to be strong, fight for your rights, love and care what people can tell you, and judge you, be yourself and continue to love and love as you are, because it is only by respecting yourself can you say to be loved..



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