Pray for Italy..

Italy is experiencing a really difficult situation, which in the era of the new generations, in the era of virtual intelligence .. we have turned into pandemonium, yes because if instead of paying attention to all the things they write on the web and many newspapers poor, you stopped to listen to the only sensible voice in this situation, that of the doctors, who from the first day said to stay at home and live “less” social life now we would not have arrived at the famous “red zone” that was not still decreed, but that thanks to the draft released on the web has finished creating panic and alarmism, so much so that everyone runs to the station to leave for their own homes of origin .. because you never know that we can no longer go down … But you are serious? The only positive thing about this evening could be the money pocketed by the state railways (maybe we put some tracks around Italy) from March 9 maybe Lombardy is proclaimed a Red area, I say maybe because the draft has not yet been approved , and stopping a region like Lombardy means stopping 70% of the national economy, so it is not an easy decision to make especially if you have to think about who and how to protect companies. Red zone means that the Lombardy Region, as said a lady interviewed in the station tonight will keep us “prisoners” for less than 30 days, because it will not be possible to leave and enter the Region .. the rules will remain the same as the aggregation centers, for those who do not know they are Museums, Churches, gyms, cinemas and schools will remain closed, instead activities such as BAR RESTAURANTS AND SHOPPING CENTERS will be open! Because we can pick up coffee at the table in the bar in the square, but we only have to be a damn meter away! Pizza with friends if we are in good health we can go and eat it, these places will also have to comply with the rules to ensure that I’m having a bad time .. they didn’t say to barricade us at home to say the Rosary, but to live a little more regulated! It is useless for you to buy the amuchina if you do not wash your hands, just to be clear .. we have trampled on the work that thousands of doctors and nurses have been doing for weeks now, has brought the virus out of Italy and throughout the Italy because we had to go .. as a hardened traveler I say that we have only increased the risk for the Italian population to catch the virus by not being able to break it down and we have brought our economy to its knees .. a nation that already lives in crisis we have catapulted it into a dangerous tunnel for many small businesses .. my thoughts today go to the doctors and I fully agree with the phrase of Elisabetta Soglio, and the thoughts also rest on all those businesses that will face and are already facing difficult moments, full of fear. we will overcome it and come back stronger than before.. be strong Italy !



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