It took me a while, before writing this post, the affairs that are affecting the United States, and the whole world, What happened to George Floyd, is not just yet another act of violence by the American police against black people , but it is the drop that made the vase overflow.Great men in the past fought for the rights of the African American people, until the last of their days, killed because they did too much, for a people who said, still too many, white Americans, they had to be the last!
This has allowed American racists and anti-Semists to dominate the African American people, but they are Americans, and they deserve respect.

See how they are unjustly killed, it makes the blood boil in the veins, see that individual who does not even deserve to be named, stand for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on the neck of a man, and push until his breath is lost .. until af killing it.Her family deserves justice, her daughter Gigi deserves justice, a little girl left without a father at 6 years old. The African American community deserves justice, because there are no more names to remember, so that there are no longer George, Breonna, Philando, Ahmaud, Freddie, Tamir and many, really many others .. America owes each of them justice , and to do this you need a real leader, a president who listens to his people, all of them, who does not make race distinctions, who does not make preferences, and does not declare war on his own people.

Today in the world, millions of people are marching to say enough about racism, and they do so with the awareness that saying ENOUGH is enough, not only for the black people, but a little bit for everyone ..I am proud of my Italy, which today 8 June, marched for the rights of the African American people, and black. I am proud of all those who are marching together, with the blacks, because united we win the battles, united we will defeat racism and all tyrants who will fall with the strength of our voice


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