There is no day that I don’t think about how the world would have been without that damn day .. the answers are many and confused, obviously there would not have been all those deaths, there would have been no wars in muslim countries , there would have been no many things .. and the two towers would still be there .. dominating New York .. many perhaps, a lot of sadness and a lot of pain ..

the attack on the Twin Towers is one of those events that can never be erased from our minds,that day, changed the fate of the whole world, thousands of people died under the rubble of what was once the symbol of prosperity not only of New York but of the entire United States, that day,died children, mothers ,fathers ,sisters and brothers.. who became part of us. That day we have cried so much, because we have all been deeply marked ..

but from the ashes, from the pain, from the losses, New York has risen stronger than before.And so it is, from the ashes one of the most extraordinary places was born, where the memory of that day will remain indelible over the centuries ..the 9/11 memorial at the world trade center gives the possibility even to those who were younger or still not to be born, to know what happened … many after 19 years, blame the attack on the United States itself, and perhaps on the one hand it is true, because they brought weapons and power to remote places of the world to grab oil, but they certainly did not go and say knock the towers down, history is full of but .. and it cannot be erased, the pain of a wounded America led to almost “destroy” Afghanistan, and after the death of the leader of Al quaeda, they did not stop and they wanted more and more .. because sometimes the thirst for revenge leads to a lot of nonsense ..

That day will remain impressed in the heads and hearts not only of New Yorkers and Americans, but also of all those who love that city .. and as children they dreamed of climbing on the roof of the towers and managing the city ..

We will never never forget



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