7 days to freedom..

There are seven days left until Election Day, America is running to the polls these days, through social media I have seen endless people running to vote .. The vote, a right for everyone. And to see that America has finally registered triple the number of people compared to previous years, well it is a sign that something in America is changing .. This year between Covid-19, racism, denied rights, and lies America has been almost brought to its knees, the current administration is carries on his shoulders too many victims of the coronavirus, and a lot of indifference .. Biden will really have to roll up his sleeves to give that light back to one of the most important and largest states in the world. This above all means thinking of the people, everyone! Without selections .. without discrimination!

After four years now, I have stopped wondering what Donald Trump is doing at the head of a great nation like states, a man who has declared war on half the world (and fortunately no one took him seriously) took a moment off his feet so complicated and difficult for the whole world. He humiliated, criticized, mocked poor Doc. Fauci, who from the first day had told him about the danger of covid and the worsening of the situation.
They have been killed by the police in these four years, many young African Americans, but he did not spend a word, neither of comfort, nor of justice!The polls give Biden a clear advantage, and it is justifiable, after four years, to have several risks of wars with practically anyone, after having taken one of the most dramatic situations in the world undertone, after having mocked anyone in his path and said things. nonsense, Trump as we say in Italy gave himself the hoe on his feet by himself!

Even if he has a clear advantage in the polls for the legendary Biden, we must not let our guard down. Unfortunately even four years ago while we were singing victory for the Democrats, Trump lived at the last minute, for Joe Biden it is time to roll up his sleeves, and make Americans understand that his are not just promises, but facts .. And first of all what should we think about the people, the Covid patients, those who have lost their jobs, those who no longer have anything, and those who have found themselves in difficulty with their activities at this time.Waiting for November 3rd, for what is not only the destiny of America but a bit of the whole world ..

God save Americans



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