It’s like writing a logbook, sixty days ago my last day of work at the restaurant, 60 days ago the knowledge that I would not see that place again before the arrival of 2021, 60 days ago I just wanted this pandemic to end; sixty days ago, I locked myself up in the house, I only went out for really urgent errands, sixty days ago before this second lockdown I was finally not afraid of being around people and today I have it again. sixty days ago I was wearing one size smaller, sixty days ago I was blonde today I went back to basics, sixty days ago I understood that the situation in Italy was not at all easy as many thought, sixty days ago I celebrated Joe Biden’s victory at 2020 elections, sixty days ago I chose me in front of everything, and it was time considering that I waited thirty-five years, sixty days ago I couldn’t wait for 2021 to arrive, today after only five days I see that the situation has not only not changed but it risks getting worse and this hurts .. sixty days ago I started writing my second book, sixty days ago I started crying for everything and I stopped only five minutes ago, sixty days ago I feared I could not spend Christmas with my nephew and niece, November is It was the hardest month, I lost my mother’s sister, and my father’s brother-in-law within a week, sixty days ago I prayed so much that this wouldn’t happen during the Lockdown. November catapulted us into total fear when the my boss and cousin tested positive for covid with all his family, but he was hospitalized and had to use oxygen helmets twenty days of fear for him and also for the future. 60 days ago my nephew started to have his say first syllables and when she said aunt in late November it was heavenly. 60 days ago was the last day I wore makeup and never went near my dressing table. Things have happened in these sixty days, unfortunately more ugly than beautiful, but they have taught me a lot, they have made me understand that nothing is taken for granted, that everything that makes us happy can also make us suffer, that the thing we all want it is a virtual freedom, free yes but always attached to social networks, I understood that however much a government can make in the end any choice it takes will always be criticized, I understood that people understand the gravity of things only when they are touched by these. I realized that as soon as we are given a little more freedom we look like dogs on a leash, I realized that if we really want to improve the situation we have to work for it. So if you see people without a mask, or you want to go around your city without a mask, DON’T DO IT! It is these small gestures that will bring us back to our much loved freedom.



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